(Only for 10th to 11th Moving Students)

Students who have appeared the HSLCE 2023 / Equivalent Exam can register themselves for Standard XI Science for the academic session 2023-24 through online mode on the school website

  • As part of the digitisation process, all admitted students with 60% and above marks will be issued a "Heritage Tablet".
Requirements for Online Registration:
  • Passport photo
  • Admit Card of HSLCE 2023 / Equivalent Exam.
  • Aadhaar Card
Successful online registration does not guarantee admission. Selection for admission will be based on the result of the screening test, provided they pass the HSLCE / Equivalent Exam at the time of screening test.

Tentative Time Line:
  • Start of Registration: 19-Apr-2023 (Wednesday)
  • Last date of registration: Will be notified later
  • Registration Fee: ₹ 500 /-
  • Screening Test: Will be notified later
Kindly note:-
  • Registration fee once paid is non-refundable. It will be adjusted at the time of admission.
  • Elective subjects available: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Thang-Ta, Human Ecology and Family Sciences (Home Science) .
  • Save the HUID and Password after successful registration for future reference.
  • Keep visiting the school website for latest updates.
Standard XI Scholarships
  • Group 1 –Position Holders
    • Exemption of Admission fee, Practical fee, Tuition fee.
    • Textbook grant.
    • School Uniform grant
  • Group 2 –80 % and Above
    • Exemption of Admission fee.

Student Identity

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Verify Student Identity

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About you

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  1. Registration fee once paid is non-refundable. It will be adjusted at the time of admission.
  2. Elective subjects available: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Thang-Ta, Human Ecology and Family Sciences (Home Science).
  3. Save the HUID and Password after successful registration for future reference.
  4. Keep visiting the school website for latest updates.

Important rules of the School

  1. Parents are requested to visit the school website regularly. Important notices will be put up on the website under "Latest update" from time to time.
  2. Students must attend classes regularly and copy the written works and home works given in the school App.
  3. Students should be sent to the school in a neat and in full school uniform.
  4. Fees must be paid on or before the last date of every installment.
  5. A fine of ₹500/month will be levied if paid after the due date.
  6. Parents are requested to pay the fees online through the school website.
  7. All the payable school fees are to be paid for the whole academic year i.e. 12 months.
  8. If seeking transfer of ward from the school midway through the academic session, the payable fees for the rest of the academic session must be cleared. An amount of ₹500/- will be charged for Transfer Certificate.
  9. In case your child is sick, do not send him/her to the school. Please do not ask for half day leave.
  10. A fine of Rs 100 will be levied for every day of absent without approved leave.
  11. Do not criticize the school/teacher in the presence of your child. If you have a legitimate complaint, please meet the principal without any hesitation
  12. As and when there is any change in the contact address/phone number, kindly notify. This will enable us to get in touch with you in case of emergency.
  13. If you have anything to discuss about your ward whether medical, Academic or otherwise, kindly do so on any working day during the visiting hours.
  14. All students are expected to come to school daily in freshly laundered uniform with socks and well-polished shoe. Any child who doesn’t come in full school uniform/Easy school dress will be excluded from the class/sent home.
  15. I-card for students will be provided after the admission is confirmed. A fine of ₹200/- will be charged for duplicate I-Card if a student loses the original.
  16. Students must take care of the school property. They should not write or scratch on desk, chairs, wall or doors of the school nor should they damage property belonging to others. Any damage done must be remitted by the offender.
  17. The school is not responsible for loss of goods, money or jewellery. Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged.
  18. A student who uses unfair means during the test/Exam will be given a Zero in the subject and a warning letter issued to him/her. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal. Any student who is found tampering with marks in the Report Card and other school certificates will be asked to leave the school/will be levied a fine.
  19. Students and parents should not offer any present or gifts to the teachers except with explicit permission of the Principal.
  20. Wearing of valuables/jewellery is strictly prohibited. Any complaint of loss of such articles will not be entertained though every attempt will be made to locate it.
  21. Reports of general progress will be given in the Progress Report (Softcopy)/School App. Promotions are granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final.
  22. An amount of ₹100/- will be charged for hard copy of Report Card and ₹50/- each for Income Certificate, Reading Certificate etc.
  23. Parents/ Guardians are not allowed to meet their children or the teachers during school hours without the prior permission of the Principal / Coordinator.
  24. In case of emergency/ some urgency, please send a note through the gatekeeper and wait at the gate for a reply.
  25. As the medium of instruction is English, students should be helped to follow their classes by a certain amount of regular conversation in English at home. In the school campus, students have to speak in English.
  26. Parents/ Guardians should not visit the class rooms during class hours, except with the permission of the principal. For any information regarding the school, contact the school office during the visiting hours.
  27. Though the school takes all the normal precautions, it does not take any responsibility for accidents.

Course Information

Compulsory Subjects
Elective Subjects
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